NGC 2392

ObjectD (kpc)CycleObsIDObsDatetexp (ks)X-ray Emission
NGC 23921.28 874212007-09-1358.15Hot Bubble and Pt. Source

Both the hot bubble and central star are detected from NGC 2392.

Stellar component:

Total Counts:        233 photons 
Count Rate:    4.0069e-3 cnt/s 
 +/- Error:    2.6250e-4 cnt/s 
Median Energy:      1.00 keV 
First Quartile:     0.65 keV 
Third Quartile:     1.51 keV 

Composite (Nebular+Stellar):

Total Counts:       1116 photons 
Count Rate:    1.9192e-2 cnt/s 
 +/- Error:    5.7449e-4 cnt/s 
Median Energy:      0.66 keV 
First Quartile:     0.50 keV 
Third Quartile:     1.24 keV